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Are you struggling with time to make one of our community Active Outdoors sessions? Do you want to get more active independently, at a time and place to suit you? Our downloadable programmes will provide you with all the information to get fit for FREE!

Don’t forget to register your activity levels with our online diary and you’ll see the progress you’re making.

Get Cycling

If you're looking for an activity which is kind to your joints, get cycling! It's good for you and it's the easiest way to combine your daily commute with a workout!

Our 12 week Get Cycling programme will give you plenty of practical tips to getting the most out of your bike, including a handy maintenance guide.

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Get Running

It's free, accessible and requires no special equipment, just a decent pair of trainers.

Our easy to follow Get Running programme will motivate you to get off the sofa and running 5k in 10 weeks.

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Get Walking

If you're looking for a 'perfect exercise', then start walking more! It's free, easy to progress, accessible and almost anyone can do it.

Our 12 week programme will help motivate you to be more physically active.

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